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FintonaIMC Building

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord

Psalm 122:1


We welcome you to the official site of Fintona Independent Methodist Church. We trust this site gives you an insight to the work an ministry of our church.


We invite you to visit our church Sunday Evenings @ 7.30 PM.

Joshua and God's Salvation

Joshua was chosen of God to be Moses' successor. It was his privilege to witness the miraculous power of God at work as he led the children of Isreal into Caanan. There are many spiritual lessons to learn. Join us in studying God's Word. Click to listen to recorded messages in this series

Two Special Holiday Services

Sunday 21th August (Click to Play)

Singer:- Daniel Brown

Speaker:- Mr Samuel Patterson

Subject:- Neglecting A Great Salvation - Hebrews 2

Sunday 28th August (Click to Play)

Singer:- McBride Family

Testimony:- Mr Faye Stewart

Speaker:- Mr William McBride

Subject:- Saved and Assured 1 John 1

Harvest Services

Friday 23rd September @ 8.00pm

Speaker:- Rev Raymond Moore (Irvinestown)

Singers:- Benjamin & Jaylena McDowell (USA)

Sunday 25th September @ 7.30pm

Speaker Rev Robert Maxwell (Dungannon)

Singer:- Mrs Ruth Maxwell (Dungannon)

Details concerning other meetings visit the Services Page.